About Us

Oregon Special Olympics began 23 years ago by Kristine Guderyon-Goetz. Kristine was a special education teacher at Oregon High School and had two students who wanted to get involved. Today, we are now an Agency with about 40 athletes and we currently participate in Basketball, Skills Basketball, Track & Field, Skills Track and Field, Swimming, Bocce Ball, and Bowling. We are hoping to expand our agency to include an official Young Athletics program soon. We are always open to expanding to other athletic categories if the interest is shown.

Here is a list of our coaches and the sports they coach, in case you need to contact them for anything:

Basketball (Winter): Elisa Ried at (608) 931-3697
Skills Basketball (Winter): Kristine Guderyon-Goetz at (608) 957-2444
Track and Field (Spring): Kristine Guderyon- Goetz at (608) 957-2444
Swimming (Spring): Coach Brad Rehrauer at (608) 575-9996
Bocce Ball (Summer): Lori Casper (608) 835-3662
Softball (Summer): Amy Verheyden at  (608) 692-1428
Bowling (Fall): Mike Verheyden (608) 692-1440

Special Olympics has a unique ability to make its athletes feel good about themselves and the accomplishments they make as athletes.

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